When John Erling came to Tulsa in November, 1976, he soon discovered the Tulsa Mountains. His morning show audience on KRMG enjoyed the stories of those mountains.

Skiing on Panty Hose Run and jumping moguls on Parton’s Peaks were some of the more exciting options, with skiing conditions phoned in by a man named Shasta. 

Ski Commissioner John Erling next to a billboard for the morning show.

Tulsa Mountain Truck Driver

A truck driver listening to all the fun sent his sons to Tulsa for some exciting skiing. When the truck driver learned of the scam he became very angry and the phone conversation with him was forever immortalized as it was replayed many times with the Tulsa Mountain song in the back ground.  He became known as the Tulsa Mountain truck driver.

The Tulsa Mountain Truck Driver

Tulsa Mountains – Full Song

The full version of the Tulsa Mountain song by Don Moore and Bob Clear was released in 1979:

Tulsa Mountains by Don Moore and Bob Clear

Angry Tulsan

Following the call from what we came to know as the Tulsa Mountain Truck Driver, an angry man called because he had lived in Tulsa for 33 years and he wanted John to take him to the Tulsa Mountains.

While this website is not affiliated with the broadcast legend KRMG, it is a tribute to the station and all who worked there during the 1970’s through the early 2000’s

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  1. I remember my dad taking me to ski the Tulsa mountains back around 1980 when I was 13. It was my first experience skiing & I fell in love with it!
    I took many trips over the years skiing at Partons Peaks & that’s where I met my beautiful wife! We even took our children there a couple of times when they were younger, they loved the bunny trails but we all enjoyed the nightly sleigh rides while drinking hot chocolate & the Saturday night bonfires.
    Good times & great memories! Thanks to John Erling I’ll always have these precious memories, thank you John!

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