For 30 years John Erling entertained Tulsans as the host of Erling in the Morning on KRMG Radio. Since 1976 the show became known for fun, listener phone calls, and interviews with people of all walks of life.

Tape recordings from Erling in the Morning, KRMG news reports, and historical radio station tapes, including the Johnny Martin Show,  were preserved in John’s storage facilities for many years.  The tapes were on professional radio station cartridges or “carts” as they were called.  When the station went digital, the carts became obsolete.  Some of the programing was found on cassette tapes. Many of the carts were kept as highlights of the morning show’s past week for the Saturday morning show known as the Saturday Morning Mess.

A good deal of credit and “thank you” goes to Joe Riddle,  the long-time producer of the morning show.  He was responsible for dubbing the highlights to the cartridges you will hear on this website, and his instinct to save these highlights is a major reason we are sharing the voices you heard on KRMG.

While we provide this website for your listening enjoyment, we are also preserving for future generations some of the history of Tulsa’s KRMG.

We have more tapes to review and we will be adding to the website in the coming days.  It is our hope these recordings will bring back some pleasant memories from a great Tulsa radio station, KRMG.

When we kept these tapes in storage, we had no idea why…except they should not be thrown away!  But now we know!  Technology came along!

A member of the Oklahoma Broadcasters Hall of Fame and the Oklahoma Historians Hall of Fame, John is now  devoting his time to the Oral History website www.voicesofoklahoma.com