Dan Bell, a long-time salesman for KRMG, died on May 17, 2023. He was 84.

Two years ago, in 2021, I interviewed him about the
good old days of the radio station.

In Chapter 1, Dan talks about the massive audience of the radio
station and how the salesmen would take orders for
commercials with very little selling. The station was sold out
most of the time. (Listen in at 20:17)

In Chapter 2, we talked about our manager, Ron Blue, Ken
Greenwood, the former manager, and clients who quit
advertising because of something I said. (Listen in at 21:35)

This story all started when Dan picked me up at the airport in
November of 1976, in his red Corvette, a company car.
Dan was a very likable and charismatic person; it seemed
everybody in town knew him, and it was my good fortune to
work with him and call him a friend.